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What is a Business Blog and What Can You Expect from Reading One?

Updated: Feb 24

Why do companies invest so much time, money, energy, as well as multiple resources, to post something like a 'blog'? What can readers gain from investing their own time, money, energy, and resources, interacting with blog posts? Read on to find out why you should be keeping up with posts, as both a writer and a reader!

We often think of the word "blog" as something which doesn't associate with professionalism. In other words, blogs started out as creative ways to express oneself for fun in writing. Nowadays, similar tools such as social media are used for business that also started out as something just for fun.

A personal blog might include details of someone's home life and what they're up to that has nothing to do with work. Therefore, it's not a business blog. Unless that person is being paid to promote specific products on their channel because of their large audience numbers and engagement such as likes, comments, etc.

A vlog is a blog that includes video and is not written with text like a blog. A transcript of a vlog might be available in a blog post version for those who aren't able to view or hear the audio/visuals fully in the clip.

A blog or vlog made for fun can have readers/viewers entertained, delighted, and happy. The goal is to evoke a certain emotion from the crowd and use that for critical thinking methods. How do I feel about watching this music video? We ask ourselves internally, subconcisously, and indirectly after viewing something on YouTube, for example.

In a business blog or vlog, it can be expected for the reader/viewer to have a high value outcome. In other words, the creator of the blog/vlog wants to sell a product or service to customers, but what can the company actually do for customers that benefits them? How will this product or service fulfil a need or a want for that particular niche of persons, which doesn't really exist in the eyes of the competition?

You can also expect to find links to other channels of mine, or webpages on this site, and what can be found there. For example, product catalogues, media kits, and other forms of display for my work can be found under the Portfolio tab, with samples of work done for others businesses under the work samples tab (Password protected).

From my blog posts on my website as well as my vlog posts on YouTube, you can expect to receive a full range of lifestyle content. This includes some personal entertainment as well as promotional material. I will be showcasing products/services available from my own business as well as that of others who have purchased a marketing package.

These marketing packages include, but are not limited to, written blog exposure on my website, visual/audio exposure in vlog format on YouTube, as well as photo/video sharing to other popular apps for additional promotion such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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