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Painting as a Form of Art Therapy: Some Artwork Created Just for Fun

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

There are so many benefits to art that have nothing to do with monetary value. Viewing a piece of art someone has made can give visual, aesthetic value, and provide positive therapeutic feedback to the onlooker. The same thing happens to themselves when an artist is making a piece.

This photo shows a few acrylic paintings in progress with their satisfying allure of wet paint in water-droplet forms. Sometimes, grouping together colours can give us the final look we wanted, and other times, the painting turns out entirely different than expected.

Emotions are challenging to deal with as are expectations, and need positive places to go, so why not channel misunderstood energy into something beautiful, meaningful, and sharable? Painting just for fun can be a great activity to help make you feel happy, joyful, and pleasant. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, selling your work or not, art is something everyone should do as a hobby!

Practising art keeps our minds sharp, our relationships with others healthy and strong, including the one we have with ourselves. We learn who we are, what we like, what we need, what we want, and so much more.

Not only that, but you can also discover new brush techniques, interesting colour schemes, and many more things you had no idea about when you simply allow the work to flow. By doing it for fun, without an agenda, expectation, or perceived outcome, you enjoy what you're doing and what you create displays only what randomness can: rarity.

One of my all-time favourite colour schemes as shown in the image of acrylic paintings above the last paragraph is of the three primary colours. It makes me feel like I have the entire rainbow of all shades because I have the roots of colour. Moving away from this comfort zone is important, because several combinations of colour can evoke much different feelings than these stark contrasting ones.

By leaving the comfort zone, change occurs, as well as change, an essential ingredient for creativity - the channel of art. A new painting will come out that you never realized you were capable of making because you freely flowed without thinking too much about the steps. An accidental colour choice is now a beautiful accent, unexpected, just like the world.

Here are some of my paintings that I have made as a way to explore and work through inner emotions, shown in abstract fashion. This depiction is kind of like life in a single moment, unexplainable. Working in both oils as well as acrylics, the oil backgrounds above are part of other works in progress that are for sale in the shop, whereas most of the acrylics never transitioned beyond where they are shown now.

For more fun content including photos and videos of my artwork, visit me on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

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