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Paintings of the Caribbean: Enjoy these Picturesque Travel Pieces

Have you ever wanted to go to one of these destinations in the Caribbean, but haven't had the time yet? Or perhaps you went already, but weren't able to find the right souvenir? If so, then these pieces are just right for you, and they're available now in reprint formats such as photo prints, posters, canvas, as well as puzzles.

End of the Beach in Curaçao

This painting was made mostly with acrylics but also includes a splash of sparkly makeup on top of the water to make it look more crystalline. NYX Cosmetics helps to create this luxurious look of the resort at the edge of the sand where it meets the water. With this depiction being a combination of a few different parts of the place where the artist went, it is a couple of self-taken photographs as well as memories re-imagined together.

Freeport, Bahamas

Opening up to the beautiful beach in Freeport, Bahamas, the artist has captured one self-taken photograph here to share the pathway taken from the hotel to the water. Sometimes staying in random places, the artist often also likes to stay at resorts. This painting shows another one like the previous Caribbean artwork by highlighting the importance of the beachfront location as a favourite over being by the pool.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Whether it be the sunrise or the sunset, there is something captivating about the colours of the sky as it changes when we watch the time passing by. To enjoy these moments of peace in life is to recognize nature's tranquility, the way of the world, and to know our own little place within that. This piece is of the sunset in particular and has a bit of pink and purple mixed in with orange with the sky only a moment after the sun has disappeared beyond the horizon. Footsteps in the sand show someone has already walked by to witness the event.

Dunns River Falls, Jamaica

A popular tourist destination are the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica. A well-travelled island. Jamaica is best known for Montego Bay, Bob Marley, Kingston, Ocho Rios, and Negril. Dunns River Falls is a great place to stop if you want to climb a waterfall. No, actually, you can climb up this waterfall for what feels like an hour but in reality takes several minutes to trek. Those who stop by the island should definitely try this tour, a highly recommended experience done by the artist and depicted in the painting to share with those who are less adventurous to go themselves.

Aruba Aloe Vera Plantation

Instead of showing the beachfront which is usual of the artist with her Caribbean paintings, this location shows the aloe vera plantation in Aruba. A great plant to use for many remedies, it's a favourite of the artist and many around the world. This painting in particular plays with colour, shape, and style with the whispy clouds, circular bushes, and rows of plants in the front.

Jolly Beach, Antigua

After travelling to many destinations around the world, Jolly Beach, Antigua, Caribbean contains some of the most beautiful seashells the artist has ever seen. Some beaches have shells but they all look the same, and others don't seem to have many shells at all. However, at Jolly Beach, there are always so many different seashells to find and collect and the tide goes in and out, shown here with different styles and designs in the paint. The same NYX Cosmetics sparkle has been used to highlight the beautiful turquoise ocean waters of the Caribbean.

Make it a fun event to DIY in puzzle-piece format first and then have it framed to hang up on the wall. Let it inspire you to create your own work of art from one of these places or another one nearby, but allow it to hang on display for all to see! Every pop of colour in each one will leave onlookers delighted, hopeful, joyful, and optimistic.

Showcasing such bright yellows, oranges, greens, and blues, these paintings are some of my favourite travel artworks that I have ever had the opportunity to do. Each time a visit occurs to a new place, I feel lucky and blessed to be there and to be able to share in so many different, creative ways. Thank you so much for looking at each one, and don't forget to check out the items in the shop, as well as my other blog posts on paintings and more!

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