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Recently Added Shop Items: This Summer's Must-Haves and Winter's Far Away Worries

Looking for a nice painting to hang on the wall without having to spend a lot of money? The artist's reprinted pieces offer a sustainable aspect to artwork that enables a lower price than purchasing an original work. This season, there are different pieces in acrylics for every day of the week, leading into the following and opposite seasons. Each of the paintings are different spots in the world that reconcile ideas in our natural habitats.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

This 16 x 20 original painting depicts a viewpoint from the Villa Sumaya docks on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The artist stayed at the retreat centre during January/February of 2018 for a women's healing writer's workshop. The painting shows a volcanic eruption from across the lake coming out of one of Guatemala's most well-known volcanoes, which actually erupted at the time the artist was staying in Villa Sumaya close to the town of Antigua.

There is another dock in the distance, but only one boat. This is signature of the layout of Lake Atitlan. There are less boats than there are number of people, as there aren't always the need for 1 boat / 1 person. Not everyone travels by boat (although boat is the only way to get there) because some people don't leave. Others only come for a short time as tourists, and their numbers can travel in packs. But in the case of evacuation? Some people won't make it out.

Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada

This beach is perfect for adults to get away during the summer in Ontario with a long stretch of land available for everyone to have their space, peace, and quiet. The depiction of this painting has the typical yellow plant growing, as well as logs and trees strewn about. You can also find tipi structures on the beach which many people make, as well as other styles of buildings showing that people like to sit and stay awhile under their own man-made fortresses.

The sun and clouds almost appear like egg-yolks in their representation due to the fact Port Burwell almost always has a perfect, beautiful looking sky, all day long like a yummy all-day breakfast. The water appears choppy as many Ontario lakes are colder to swim in than the ocean, and most prefer this destination because of it's landscape of beach sand and forest-like protected wildlife.

Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

Another popular destination for beach-goers in Ontario, Canada, is Grand Bend on Sun Beach. This main area is the best place to catch the sunset going down in the late evenings. The artist has been lucky enough to view it and capture it in this painting where it appears similar to a gob-stopper, candy-like shape of warm hues of cool waters where rainbows of pink and purple line the sky in feminine colour.

Grand Bend is perhaps the main place where people go in the summer time in Southern-Ontario, Canada. It's a great place for families, kids, and collecting shells! Beyond that, the colours come together in this painting in a pretty pattern that's reticent of all the shops which line the street front main area for summer treats that beat the heat.

Day V. Night (Outer Space)

The artist made this painting as a transition between the times of our clocks, but it also symbolizes the changing of seasons. From Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter, and back around again with Winter to Spring... Day vs. Night reminds us about appreciating the moment at every step of the cycle.

The contrast of black and white is also shown to accentuate the contrast of cool and warm colours as well as modes of travel. We can imply the idea of past vs. present and future here as well. The painting is said to hang well in a children's bedroom or nursery to inspire critical thinking in young philosophical minds.

Paris, France

With a more Fall-like look, this painting is a great nature piece like the others before it which stood strong for summer. It shows the artist's viewpoint of the tower when she visited there less than a decade ago and took the tour to the top and lookout back in 2014. The orange colour represents the sun and the glow of growth each morning after it rises and we can begin anew, not knowing how far we will go, shown by the climb of the tower itself.

The lamplight at the opposite side reminds us of the commonplace item on many Paris city-streets to highlight the love that comes out at night in the new light again when the tower is lit up beautifully. Despite the main power of daylight, we also have to keep that balance of the night and understand what it means to rest, be alive, and to simply enjoy wakefulness.

Winter Trees

This painting shows trees in the middle of winter with snowfall hanging on the branches, emanating the idea of a struggle. The artist uses painting as a therapy to understand deep traumas, unpack them, and bring to light problems to find solutions. Each colour of tree stands for the fight against this threat of traumatic entry by being true to its roots.

By following the light inside of a core, and using the external light to fuel the internal no matter how slim the moon may be, or how much the sun may dwindle, it is possible to survive. It is possible to remain alive, outside, sleeping amongst these trees, and fight the threats of homelessness, worthlessness, hopelessness, and many more associated feelings.

Cabin in the Woods

This painting is a future piece of the Winter Trees, showing a past self that wasn't able to find shelter and was alone in the wilderness. The Cabin shows someone away from society, living in solitude, fully aware of their power and strength to live off the energies of the earth without the onset of energy vampires.

This energy is shown by colour in the orange and purple sun/moon which match with the orange and purple flowers outside the front. These are real flowers which do grow through the snow in winter, showing a certain type of awareness of self. This contrast is stronger than complimentary pairings of orange and blue vs. purple with yellow because it's warmer and both colours contain red. It gives us a sense of belonging despite the cold landscape.

Did you enjoy looking at some of these paintings, or hearing more about their story? Find each of these paintings in canvas, photo, as well as poster prints in the shop. If you'd like to see these pieces available in more formats, contact the artist and see what kinds of household products or clothing you can wear the art in.

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