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Acrylic Paintings from the World's Top 5 Destinations

The top 5 travel destinations in the world (out of the 20 something plus countries I have had the luck and opportunity to visit) belong to these landscape paintings. What makes them so great to go to, why should you visit there yourself, and keep a piece of it to hang on your wall as a memory?

These five places all have one special thing in common: the allure of desire, difference, destiny, delight, and demand. They are beautiful, unique, far, wonderful, and yet accessible. They are Nicaragua, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Bermuda Triangle.

Lago de Nicaragua is becoming a highly popular place for people to visit in the 21st century because of it's luxurious lake and capital Managua. Located next to Costa Rica, it can be visited on tour in tandem with this other location. Featuring not just open waters for boating and enjoying space as well as relaxation, there are also decorative volcanoes in the background which entice us to live in the present. Despite the blue-grey colours of this painting, Nicaragua has life and vitality beyond just the waters and volcanoes if you stay long enough to look for it.

Liberia, Costa Rica is also known for volcanic activity and tours, but also has some of the better beaches and beachfront areas than it's neighbour. While one is known for the water, the other is known more for the land. Rich in foliage, forests, and all the fauna as well as fins, Liberia, Costa Rica is a great place for nature lovers, adventurers, and those who wish to escape the cycle of human daily life. The world has so much to explore, indicated by the layers of the painting. If you like finding out what's hidden away from the world and explore the parts the other people peruse over and miss out on, Panama is the painting and place for you.

Canoa, Quebrada, Brazil, is another wonderful beach destination. Unlike other places, the sand here is orange. Most beaches are tan, white, or some version of bland, uncoloured hue. However, every once in a while we see sand that comes in a bright colour such as pink or in this case, orange. A lot of the soil in Brazil is rich, red-brown, and the sand here could be such a bright sun-coloured orange instead of tan due to the richness of the land's soil. With built up dunes as a tourist attraction, there's a lot to do on the land and water here. Shown by the magic in the sky as well with the bright pink contrast colour.

Panama is a similar painting to the Costa Rica one where it is done in panels. Each one of these showcases a different area the country has to offer. People often say the cliche expression that Panama is more than just a canal, because many tourists do only go there for that. And I can agree that there is more to offer than the canal, although one of the panels is a portion showing sailboats on it. There's also wild nightlife and cities, culture, dancing, nature, beaches, and activities to keep you going in a way where time doesn't seem to be passing. It's as if it stops somewhere there, in the locks, while each ship goes through the channels of the Panama Canal transit.

The Bermuda Triangle is the final painting in this series of top destinations because apparently you aren't supposed to visit there. They say no one goes right into the centre of it, and for good reason! The actual Bermuda Triangle spans from where the country lies in the ocean as one triangle tip, all the way out and across to include the Caribbean ocean outside of the Bahamas. After taking a sailing trip away from the edge of the main island, it is considered to be inside the Bermuda Triangle. Some sailors still won't take the trip if it lands them anywhere inside, but some are happy to for a fee, as long as it's only around the outskirts. The artist has depicted that here with the symbolic contrast of blue and orange, the triangular mirage of the land in the middle of the ocean, speed, and life rafts.

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