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Lashes & Highlighter Line: A Makeup Painting Turned Into Functional Artwork For You and Your Home

Updated: May 21, 2022

We have all been there when a falsely glued lash whips itself off our lid and onto another part of our face. Or worse, it lands on someone else's face! This embarrassing mishap however became a good experience as it inspired the Lashes & Highlighter Line.

"Lashes & Highlighter" is a title that speaks to the two most common forms of makeup that can make or break a look: eyelashes and highlighter. The lashes set off the eyes, the highlighter sets off the face. Without them, foundation, blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow feel like they do absolutely nothing for us.

The painting was made out of real, multicoloured false lashes glue onto the canvas with lash glue in combination with glow in the dark bright yellow liquid makeup. The piece when worn makes the wearer feel like they can do anything and be anyone because their look is complete with just wardrobe, regardless of their hair and makeup being on/off that day.

In this collection there are clothes made for women ranging in sizes from small to large as well as different objects you can put in your home. More than just a hanging wall tapestry or canvas, you can bring L&H with you wherever you go in a travel mug, keep it safely at home in a coffee mug, or even venture out to the backyard on a picnic blanket.

Wherever you may go, whoever you may be with, you can take Lashes & Highlighter with you on your journey of self-discovery. It will light your path so you can find your way through the confidence this piece provides when wearing or using any of the products in the line.

Remember to always shine bright, keep moving, and be inspired! Don't forget to shop local and support local, as your generous energy will be the giving way that continues to gift.

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