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Frequently Asked Questions: Answers To Your Top of Mind Queries

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

In this post, the writer will answer commonly asked questions and address repeated query items that clients, fans, as well as many others, have approached her with. A FAQ blog is helpful to create trust, respect, and loyalty between business partners and might be able to provide the information you need to move forward with a new project or idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do you write about?

Removing stigma through satirical roman à clef works.

2) What is roman à clef?

It means “a novel with a key” when translated into English from French. The meaning behind this term in translation is a story based on true events, with some minor elements of fiction to disguise characters and protect truth.

3) If roman à clef means ‘a novel with a key,’ what is the key?

The keys to my novels are my poems. The key to my poems is “Keskmsi.”

4) What does ‘Keskmsi’ mean?

It means to be ahead of oneself.

5) When did you start writing?

I started keeping a diary when I was 8 and have wrote pretty much every day since!

6) How long have you been publishing for?

I published my first poem when I was 12 years old in February 2005, 17 years ago.

7) Who do you write about?

I often write about myself and the struggles that I have overcome but I also do writing for others, including their own true stories.

8) Why do you write?

I am compelled to do it.

9) What are your goals?

To secure a PhD’s in English Language and Literature and/or Philosophy as well as publish at least 10 books.

10) What is your mission?

To change the world with the power of media by removing one stigma at a time.

11) What is your vision?

To see a world better connected through communication channels in the future.

12) What are your values?

The unique intelligence of all persons is of high value and every voice should be heard.

13) What education do you have?

I have an undergrad in honours English as well as a Philosophy minor (2014), and a post-degree graduate diploma in Arts Management from Western University (2015). I also have a General Management Post-Degree Diploma in Business from Athabasca University (2021).

14) Where do you go to school now?

I am currently taking the online MBA Program with Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada completing the last few elective credits before graduating with a master's degree in business.

15) What is your life goal?

To create world peace through understanding realized in literature. By receiving a Nobel prize or another equivalent literary award, it will be shown that a difference has been made through a recognition.

16) What languages do you speak?

I am fluent in English and French, but I also know a little of Spanish, Latin, Italian, ASL, Mandarin, Dutch, German, Gaelic, Papiamento, Patois, Sanskrit, Portuguese (Brazilian). I only have formal education in English and French, but have self-studied other languages or learned first-hand from native speakers of these languages, some of whom I lived with.

17) How many tattoos do you have as an alternative cover model?

As of now, April 2022, I have 45 tattoos which have taken a bit more than 90 hours to receive.

18) How long have you been modelling for?

I received my first cover on a magazine in January 2021, but I have done random modelling and acting gigs here and there for years.

19) How long have you been an artist for?

I have always been into art, but just started recently selling paintings made with makeup, acrylics, and oils.

20) How many countries have you been to?

I have been to almost 30 countries including Canada where I am from, as well as some countries which were based on technicality such as Bermuda. Although I have not been on the land of Bermuda the country itself, I have sailed the Bermuda Triangle and include Bermuda on my list of countries I've been to in order to incorporate the special, infamous landmark.

21) Why do you paint?

I think it is a combination of my grandfather’s influence (he’s a painter) and my experience with my own personal choice to use art as a therapy for mental health.

22) Why do you model?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, models can use their photos to express their words and bring attention to critical issues.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, feel free to write it in the comment section in case others have the same one. Or, Contact Kathleen with a private message. For more information visit Kathleen's Home Page for About Info.

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