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A Baker's Dozen: A Poetry Book About the Structures of Our World

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Poetry expresses thoughts in a delightfully artistic way when compared to traditional prose, but it often requires further explanation to readers for full understanding of all concepts to occur. In this blog, we explore the meaning behind the book A Baker's Dozen, my first published poetry anthology and novel, and the philosophical theory behind it.

"A Baker's Dozen" is a kitchen code for the number thirteen (13), totalling to one more than the actual amount that a dozen equates to - also known as the number twelve (12). Why would an author use this measurement scale as well, taking it out of the required room it's normally in, and putting it into the office instead? Let's take a moment to see why we've switched things up, and how spaces and places are involved with regards to structure.

The reason why you will want to have this book on yourself and get to know the secret recipe of each poem is because it has a lot to say using very few words. The beautiful gift of poetry is that it doesn't take as many sentences, or terms, or paragraphs, to explain itself. So what is this book trying to explain? And if it's so good, why do we need to write more prose paragraphs about it here to comprehend it?

One of my philosophies on life is an idea about the way in which our world works presented in the slim volume of A Baker's Dozen. There are certain things that are happening all around us that we are subjected to as individuals as well as community groups. These things are structures, such as the concept of a dozen. "A Baker's Dozen" sees throwing in one more as a just in case or emergency back-up plan, and this book takes up that notion even further.

A Baker's Dozen speaks to the individual reader that they have something unique as an individual person (more specifically, the 13th person) that allows them to stand out from the crowd (the 12 others in the initial dozen) and we must all seek to discover what it is about us that is unique, and how we can share it with others in a positive, healthy, society-progressing type of way.

By reading through thirteen categories of twelve poems each, or 156 total pieces, the reader slowly begins to understand this theory of placement. This poetry anthology is a great tool to learn about who we are as people, and who you are as a person apart from everyone else, because it encourages the promotion of individualism and community in harmony.

Overall, we know that peace is an achievable goal for our planet by glimpsing into her hidden underpinnings of operation that provide for us. If you are interested in learning about this philosophical theory of Earth, visit the author's book shops below in the links.

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