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Zoey theModelDog Dog Clothing Designs

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Do you also have an ESA? Have you ever wanted to dress up your dog in locally designed merchandise? What about supporting your favourite local dog model? Well, now you can!

Zoey theModelDog designs her own unique dog clothing fitting dogs in sizes from 5-30 lbs! With two lines currently launched, Zoey offers her own signature brand tops, a bandana for larger animals, as well as ESA tops.

ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal. Zoey works for her owner and mother, Kathleen Sumpton, as a health worker. As a medical aid, Zoey's job is to assist Kathleen with her mental health and permanent disabilities when traditional pharmaceutical methods organized with Kathleen's doctor were failing.

Zoey Sumpton came highly recommended by Kathleen's family doctor as a last resort treatment plan in 2020. Ever since then, Kathleen has had more success in her life and has been able to find much rehabilitation with Zoey. The two hope to continue to grow over the years with a strong bond providing more unique art, fashion, and style to the stage.

Kathleen and Zoey work together as models posing for almost a dozen magazines together including 3 covers in the last few months!

To assist your favourite cover model combo, you can purchase dog clothings for your pet too and help provide support for this team that brings mental health awareness to the community through their artistry.

For more designs by Zoey, check out her abstract puppy paw painting and fashion line for hoomans in the shop as well.

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