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Why Work With Kathleen and What Makes Her a Qualified Freelancer?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

You might be wondering, why hire this freelancer to do business for you on a part time basis when you can instead contract someone to work in the office on a full-time basis?

When it comes to the freelance community, there are often smaller jobs requiring specific skill sets that are harder to hire for full-time work or to source out within one's own talent pool of already hired employees.

Particularly when it comes to the arts and skills of the artistic kind, it can be more beneficial for a company to contract a freelancer on a contract paid by the project instead of a salary because there's more value for everyone involved.

But why choose to work with Kathleen instead of another professional on the market? She has a 4-Year Honours BA in English Language and Literature as well as a Minor in Philosophy undergraduate degree from Western University (2014) earned in less than 3 years time.

Kathleen also has a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management from Western University earned in (2015) and a (GDM) or Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Athabasca University earned in (2021). What is a Graduate Diploma, you ask?

That's a great question! As part of graduate school and studies at different institutions includingWestern and Athabasca, students who have graduated from their undergraduate programs and hold an undergraduate degree (and also meet other criteria such as minimal grade component of an honours for entrance into the program) are able to join a Diploma Program. Successful completion of all courses and their components awards a graduate student with a Graduate Diploma.

Specific to Western University is Western Continuing Studies, the host of these diploma programs available for graduate students. They are designed to be approximately one year in length full-time including the summer to allow further development in a particular field beyond a basic undergraduate degree.

After completion of the MBA (2022) at Athabasca University where Kathleen is currently enrolled in her third year of the Master's Degree in Business program, Kathleen desires to attend Trinity College Dublin for her PhD in (2023).

Education is not the only component to being a great freelancer. The other core aspect to Kathleen's success is her ability to work with clients in the arts sector, as well as working with those outside the arts industry on projects that require an artistic eye.

With education, career experience, and constant professional development activities that keep Kathleen's rare, artistic skills sharp, you can rest assured that you're hiring the best freelancer not just on the local market, but of global scale too.

With continuous outreach and participation in different programs outside of work and education, Kathleen's services are top-notch with relevant information to clients. If you really want to know what's pertinent for you, your business, and the assistant you need to get there, Kathleen can help!

She has travelled the world to work with different professionals herself including almost a dozen writing retreats with literary agents, best-selling authors, and world-renowned talents of all artistic types. Cultural exposure, experience working in freelance pre-pandemic, and diligent upkeep are what set Kathleen apart and allow her to give insight to your company's unaddressed needs.

Her specialty, however, is linguistics, versed with a general proficiency in more than a dozen languages (14 total), including English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Patois, Papiamento, American Sign Language, Sanskrit, Dutch, Irish Gaelic, and German. Kathleen has self-studied languages at the hands of native speakers by living directly with them or self-studying from textbooks with a favouritism towards the Living Language brand.

Services that Kathleen can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Copywriting

  • Editing

  • Transcription

  • Translation

  • Business Consulting

  • Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Websites

  • Budgeting

  • Grants

  • Fundraising

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Content Creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Project Management

  • Communications

  • Data Analytics

  • Research

  • Visual Arts

  • Modelling

Overall, Kathleen has many skills that operate together for content creation in the 21st century world of Information Technology. In many more than just digital and print, these are some options of what she can produce for you. Head on over to the Contact Page to Book your Consultation with Kathleen or to inquire more information on her services and remember! Support your favourite local freelancer by checking out her other available products for sale in the shop:

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