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What Genre Do My Books Belong to and What Does Roman à Clef Mean?

Updated: Feb 19

As an author writing in the genre of satire, it is my goal to teach the reader's how to make critical changes to their lifestyle habits by practising healthier choices, guided by the tools provided in the book. Each book belongs to a special shelf, waiting for the right reader to pick it up, and start the journey of self-discovery towards recovery.

The structure of the satire genre is best portrayed through "roman à clef" which is French for "a novel with a key." A novel is a term given to an item that has elements of fiction, whereas non-fiction, true story texts, are just books.

The "novel with a key" is a combination of truth and fiction, so that the story can be told with protective measures taken to keep some of the characters safe. By changing their names, and some other minor plot twists, places, etc. the unveiling of truth will prevail without hindrance or interference.

The joy of reading books that are part of satire is that you will ultimately learn valuable lessons without even realizing it right away. The entertainment of fiction disguises your ability to be caught up in reality so that you can escape it and delight in the life of someone else.

All of this will happen before you are brought back to yourself at the end of each book in a reflective moment to understand how you can best live life as your most true, authentic self. This means we become our most pure form of self, like a Heaven on Earth. Some of the topics included in my novels that assist with learning, development, and societal progress are:

  • Eating Disorders and World Hunger

  • Mental Health Issues and Trauma

  • Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction

  • Suicidal Awareness

  • Social and Criminal Justice

  • Homelessness and Poverty

  • Sexual Assault and Violence

  • Ostracization

More topics can be found by picking up a copy of a published work in The Author's Bookstore or checking out the Books Tab in a couple of months time to see what new titles have been added. Remember to support your favourite local author and always challenge yourself to bringing a better you to light.

Kathleen's first 3 poetry books published all at once in May, 2020.

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