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The Zoey Fashion Line & Accessories Abstract Acrylic Puppy Painting

Updated: May 21, 2022

Made from a one-year-old shitzu-chihuahua, "The Zoey" is an abstract acrylic painting created from a puppy paw with the help of her owner.

Attention dog lovers and doggo community! My mom Kathleen Sumpton and I are artists from London, Ontario. I am a 7 lbs shichi born in May of 2020.

I am an artist, painter, fashion model, as well as a designer. I made this painting to represent the colours of my beautiful brindle coat, signature of the chihuahua in me.

The shitzu aspect of my breed keeps my hair growing long but when it is cut short, you can see these colours shining brightly. The pink in the palette showcases my feminine side as an unfixed female fully empowered.

After making the painting with my mom helping me to safely make it using plastic wrap so that I didn't have to get any paint on me, I was able to hang it proudly on the walls of our home. But don't worry! You can get this wonderful masterpiece in your home too.

This design has been reprinted into different styles for your house including clothes, scarves, pants and shirts, or even random stuff for the drawer in your kitchen. I love wearing some of the people clothes in the shop such as headbands and scarves, so some of the items are meant for dogs, too!

"The Zoey" puppy paw reprint is meant to spread joy to others who appreciate a loyal friend in the four-legged species and we hope you like this creation from me.

Don't forget to come back and look at more stuff coming as well as my own "Zoey the Model Dog" merchandise also in the shop.

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