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The Great Big Book of Haiku: A Poem for Every Day of the Year

Have you ever wanted to start reading poetry, but don't know how to navigate all the fancy templates? Are you more of a free-form person, who is perhaps looking to have only a bit of structure in their lives? Allow The Great Big Book of Haiku to guide you each day as you go through life every year.

This little book is a great poetry anthology for you because there are plenty of pieces of information, all of them packed in to a very small space. Each poem is only 3 lines each, written in a familiar haiku form that many of us remember is a written note about a single moment in time.

We find them familiar because they spark our own thoughts about the past, including what we have learned to provide us the better future we have now in the present. The Great Big Book of Haiku is meant for adult readers that wish to re-explore their past including childhood to locate a sense of growth and development. How can this tiny anthology of poems be helpful for you?

There are 366 poems in total, including one for the leap year, so that this book can be recycled learning every year. When you wake up in the morning or when you go to bed at night, you can read a few lines containing a couple of words and journal your own perspective on life based on your own moment(s). Perhaps even when reading the same poem, you will feel something different about it from year to year, because you have changed since the last year.

The original notebook for the novel The Great Big Book of Haiku was a series of notes, magazine clippings of words and images, to entice the flood of memory when the author read over these notes again. Every day for one whole year, the most intense moment(s) of the day were recorded. Turning back, they were replicated in hindsight into poems.

This process of artistic development allows for editorial convenience by already having a reflective period of the year cycle when returning to the rough work. When reading each piece, you can feel or sense this transition in the author as a relevance to the reader's own life and world.

The best part about The Great Big Book of Haiku is not that it's easy to read, or full of wonderful stories, but that it's relatable on each of these levels. Here, you don't have to read between the lines, because it's already written to include only those lines which need to be read. Enjoy each poem together as a whole month or year, or separately just to the day by day.

The Great Big Book of Haiku is now available with many participating retailers including Amazon, where you can find paperbacks, ebooks, and hardcovers available at:

You can also find signed copies available in the author's shop in paperback only:

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