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Sustainable Art and Clothing: What is My Fabric Made Out Of?

Updated: Mar 14

Have you wondered what exactly is "sustainable clothing" and how a company can make fabrics this way? What does it mean for fashion to be friendly?

The term sustainability used to mean whether or not a business is able to keep going on full-steam ahead without any interruptions to their lovely profit margins. However, the 21st century has shown us that sustainability requires a moral compass and ethical practices to stay afloat.

With the whole world watching everyone's move through technological advancements, everyone must keep up with the pace of the digital world in order to be part of the future business market. Not only that, but companies must keep up with what that public eye demands to see while they're looking for it 24/7.

As an artist, sustainability means being able to recycle the same design idea over and over again. I offer many paintings in reprint format into clothing, as well as other home products for the kitchen or outdoors, allowing the original piece to live on sustainably.

More than that, the materials used to make the products themselves are environmental, safe for use, and practical in the modern day. Have you ever been travelling from one place to the next to get things done and just wanted the perfect piece to put into your suitcase? These items fold and pack tightly together without taking up a lot of space such as other traditional, bulky clothes.

Perhaps you are even trying to live like a minimalist at home and you don't want to have too many things taking up space in your closet and/or drawers? Kathleen Sumpton Art designs apparel that is made for you in the places we frequent today. The clothes are made to fit well, comfortably, as well as look stylish.

You no longer have to make the choice between uncomfortable dress pants as office wear and comfy sweats you look forward to when you go home. With the clothing you will find in my shop, you will feel like you're wearing the most comfortable top-to-bottom wardrobe that looks great for the public eye and is somehow office-friendly and casual.

Each garment is made with the idea in mind that the clothes must be sleek, so they can feel nice as well as look nice. We often feel we must compromise the way we want to look and how we feel, and now you no longer have to do that with Kathleen's creations.

The following fabric types are available with Kathleen's designs on them:

Interlocking Fabric

Interlock Twist Yarn

Jersey Fabric

Woven Chiffon

Sweater Knit

Knit Chiffon

Scuba dri-fit

Shop now and support your favourite local artist while living your best-dressed life:

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