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Sunset Sailing Santorini: An Acrylic Painting of Europe Repurposed Into Funky Fashion

Updated: May 21, 2022

It was the end of the summer in September 2018 when I went sailing for the day in Santorini, Greece, and stayed out on the boat until the sunset. Taking photos and videos of the event, I saved a special one for reproduction into this particular painting because it stood out to me.

The original photograph features only one sailboat, but the snapshot is taken from the perspective of a sailor who is, obviously, on another boat. Thus, the depiction of two boats facing each other and joining the ride into the night as if chasing the next day's sunrise that inevitably comes to fruition.

The painting represents the continuous cycle of life through the depiction of the horizon where the sunset and the boats meet each other equally. Here, we ultimately make the assumption that nightfall is coming but only for a brief moment before we are again rejoined by daylight. We know that it will continue on repeat without interruption, evident in the clouds touching right down to the waterline.

We are reminded to live in the moment when we look at this painting and appreciate each second for what it is, as we know a sunset can move pretty quickly once it reaches close the water level. The inspiration of this moment is that we can be as free as our imagination allows us to be, taking ourselves wherever we want to go, if only we can manifest it.

By choosing to hang this painting on your wall, wear it on your sleeve, or use it as a functional element of your home such as in the kitchen or bathroom, you are manifesting a better future for yourself by choosing to have a guided presence.

The original photograph taken by the photographer/artist Kathleen Sumpton (copyright © Kathleen Sumpton Photography) is featured below:

To see the different kinds of items this painting is available in reprint, check out the artist's shop at and remember to support local artists as well as creatives from around the world too! Every perspective can offer each viewer new symbolic inspiration with each brush stroke reinventing the painting every time it is printed and experienced.

You can find products for the home such as the bathroom or kitchen, including cutting boards, serving trays, mats & rugs, curtains, pillows, and so much more! If decorating your house with this mood of a piece isn't enough, you can even wear it out in any type of weather at any time of day!

The Sunset Sailing Santorini acrylic painting comes in clothes for both men and women, although there are more options beyond tops for women such as dresses, pants & skirts, as well as over pieces and scarves. Have a look at the products under the portfolio tab as well as the links in the footer for social representations of the artist's other artworks.

Another photograph taken by the photographer/artist Kathleen Sumpton (copyright © Kathleen Sumpton Photography) on the same sailing trip is featured below:

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