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Recurring Themes and What You Can Find In My Work

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Welcome to the website of Kathleen Sumpton, an Author/Artist who creates different kinds of products for your home including paintings, clothing, books, as well as other household items for the kitchen and bathroom. What kind of things does Kathleen put into her work, why would you want to buy them, and how can she help you unlock meaning in your life?

By exploring the different elements of the world in a creative format, we reconcile passion with desire and depict emotion on the page, canvas, wall, or otherwise. With this exploration, we find ourselves and begin to notice what we take delight in, what provides us warmth and happiness, and how we can live a better life. Not only with products, but also with services, and the live experience we have when we consume art in real time, like with music or performance.

Health and wellness is something often thought about as a routine, habit, or mannerism of some kind of fitness regime or diet plan. However, we can also practice self-care with delving into our own imaginations and allowing art to be our therapy. Even if we haven't thought about delving into a particular art form, perhaps that means it's time to try out something new!

Inside of Kathleen's work, each piece has been created with symbolic meaning to slowly be discovered by onlookers that allows them to question their own reflections on the work. Some poetry and prose gives insight and tools for change, where the art pleases both the eye and the brain.

The recurring work themes you can find from Kathleen include philosophy, travel, aesthetics, nature, adversity, and love. The presence of these elements represents life and how we move through it. By purchasing a pre-made work or ordering a custom piece of your own description, you can mobilize your self by uncovering subconscious thoughts.

Why wait to build on your own soul spirit? Check out the artist's shop and feel free to contact Kathleen if you're looking for something custom.

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