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Poems from Quarantine: About this Poetry Book Anthology

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Who in the heck would actually want to read more about the pandemic? Why would this be a great book to have on your shelf as a reminder of this period, and what are the benefits to reading this type of material?

Poems from Quarantine is an anthology of brainstorming pieces turned into poetry that began as mere ideas. These basic concepts filled to their fruition by the acceleration of isolation covid19 caused. In other words, the author had many scrapbooks of images, writings, and thoughts before the pandemic hit.

Then, at the beginning of 2020 with not much else to do but publish all her pieces in their final format, the author packaged them up as Poems from Quarantine for you. Each of them speaks from the heart to the soul about the processes we go through as the sanctity of life.

By picking up a copy of this book and giving it a good read, you will find that you have entered into your own imagination and discover what this part of history will mean for you. There are many valuable lessons to learn and takeaways to think about when we are given the opportunity for reflection, despite the negative impacts of isolation.

The cover of the book speaks to the elements of the outdoors and what it's like to be away from society in the wilderness. This symbolic and literal spaciousness teaches us that whatever it is we are going to learn, we will do it in our own way.

The concept of loneliness in play with isolation through the literal translation of being alone or apart from society altogether is evident in the symbolic representation of Mother Nature. The cover shows life ending in summer before it transitions into fall, the set sail of winter and iciness of isolation.

To be alone or experience loneliness in isolation at first feels scary, negative, and meaningless. But this push for being present in our own selves could be just what we need to progress in society as a whole and bring ourselves out of this tragedy.

In the end, we all ask ourselves, how can we be better today than yesterday not just to survive and persevere through our own struggles, but how to thrive the world's entire career at the same time.

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