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Origen: A True Story of Evil - A Novel About One of Canada's Serial Killers from the Capital

The notable serial killer capital of Canada towards the end of the 20th century ranks in with London, Ontario, with the highest number of murderous criminals per capita. Why is this location crawling with creeps and what makes it so paramount to evil activity? Why is Origen spelt with an 'e,' what is the link between location and evil, and how could this ever take place in Canada?

To answer each of these questions, we will have to open up the cover and read into the pages of Origen: A True Story of Evil. This book glosses over the career of one murderer in particular and provides the public with an answer as to why. It's more than just a set of highways, or a convenient location, for those to do their dirty work.

The reason why London, Ontario, is so captivating for the devil is because of it's point on the Earth. The highways are here for a reason. It goes much deeper and further beyond the development that occurs on land after the fact. If we go down to the roots of the land itself, it becomes very clear. Some places on the Earth seem good on the surface, but underneath, there still remains hot spots of energy.

The novel Origen: A True Story of Evil, claims that the devil does exist and walk amongst us. Do demons take human form from the beginning of that human's creation, or are some humans born innocent, which later become demonized? We are not sure. What we do know is that the lives of many were taken by one infamous, legendary predator: The Bedroom Strangler.

Taking advantage of the system and its lack of knowledge on how to attack, this killer would scale the outside of apartment buildings with little to no equipment, and enter through the unsuspecting victim's unlocked balcony door. We often think we are safe leaving doors and windows unlocked if we live in a certain area, such as outside of the city, or high up within the city's walls. Origen tells us that we are wrong.

Origen tells us that we should be aware of the devil, what this looks like manifested into reality, and how to watch for the symbols and warning signs. That way, using the scholar's wisdom, we can protect ourselves and maintain peace.

To get your copy of this murder mystery that encapsulates the ending of the Bedroom Strangler's career during the 1970's in London, Ontario, head on over to Amazon and type in the title Origen: A True Story of Evil. It's also available at many other participating retailers and can be found in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook. Check out all the links at or go to for more information about Origen: A True Story of Evil.

Photos by: Kathleen Sumpton

Screenplay by: Geoff Hart

Novel by: Peter J. Perry and Kathleen Sumpton

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