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Modelling Memorabilia and Merchandise

Updated: Mar 14

Have you been admiring the works of beautiful models and talented photographers for a while now? Want to become inspired by the fashion industry to find your own wardrobe favourites as your own personal stylist?

Now offering modelling memorabilia and merchandise in the shop, Kathleen has worked as an internationally published cover model for some years now including many published sets as the photographer AND model! She has over 200+ magazine publications in total including 30+ covers features (as of December, 2022*).

With these items, you are supporting your favourite local creatives including other collaborators on the projects such as Kathleen's dog Zoey. Your purchase also helps the artist understand what sets are most preferred to help her inspire what new sets could be best.

In return, you receive regular household product items to decorate your home and brighten your getting ready room or area with professional, in-style looks. These items and the photographic pieces within aid in inspiration for clothing which in turn assists with an improved mental health stasis, and overall better lifestyle.

When we are dressed to suit our mood, it's often proven that with enhancing colours, textures, and vibrancies, we can increase our potential to do better at work, in school, or in our personal lives.

Each year, magazines release sets Kathleen has worked on which are then available for purchase online as well as in print. The major retailer showcasing her work is Mag Cloud, where you can find copies of every publication listed in the modelling portfolio.

You can also support the model by buying one of the modelling memorabilia merchandise items available here in the shop. At this time in the season, you can find 2022 Calendars with Kathleen's favourite publications and personally selected photos from 2021 as well as posters.

Check back often as new sets will be added to the posters section, as well as other memorabilia and merchandise types will be made available for you to purchase such as photo prints, tote bags, and many more!

For magazines:

For merchandise:

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