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Love, Life, Loss, and Longing: A Poetry Anthology - What is This Book About and Why So Many L Words?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Love stands for the good, Life represents what is, Loss teaches us what the bad is in contrast to the good, and Longing is the opposite of life because it isn't.

The "L" words in our English alphabet stand for a strong connection to nature as a consonant that rhythmically dances off the tongue and expresses a true state of reality. The 4L's together are the author's philosophy on life.

This poetry anthology is over 500+ pages of writings that have been gathered together over the course of 20 years from almost 30 countries histories to create the story and bring the philosophical theory to life.

With practical application, we can understand what we are taught about in books by living our lives. While we often think of the two as competing for the level of "smarts" one can have, the coupling of where our shoes walk on the streets with what our brains meet in the muse's talk is actually the way it is.

Learn about Love, Life, Loss, and Longing as concepts while looking through this book and watch as your spirit grows with the reading of each word. For those that are seeking a higher alignment for manifesting their dreams, or just anyone that likes a lot of short pieces with several stopping points, pick up a copy of the 4L's today!

Available in autographed paperback copies from the writer in the shop:

Available in multi-reprint formats from eBook to Hardcover in the bookstore:

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