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Lipstick Kiss Print Paintings and the Complete Butter Me Up Line

In honour of Pride Month, you can now show your rainbow style off by wearing the Butter Me Up multi-colour lipstick kiss print painting in multiple fashion design formats made with NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss.

If you're feeling into a more subtle version, there are 6 more paintings available also in reprint format for canvas, poster, photo, as well as a few more items, representing a rainbow. From cool blue, green, and purple to the warm orange, pink/red, and yellow/gold, there's a vision for everyone to enjoy.

Made from makeup, the artist has used her own lips to make the prints and also has other makeup paintings available for sale in the shop. If you like the way this medium presents itself, you can also order a custom painting to be done on canvas for you with additional formats available at cost.

Beyond the cosmetic case, the artist also works with oils and acrylics. Each medium allows for a new depiction of life as each type of paint never goes on the canvas in quite the same way as the last. And if you're looking for a sentimental moment to last, these paintings are a great way to decorate your own get-ready room.

The best part about these artworks is that you can order a couple of different ones and arrange them together on the wall to create a staggered, edgy, simple yet bright vibe. Matching with your own products and brands, they accent not only the wall of the room but the furniture and other elements as well.

The 6 artworks made in single colour style as opposed to the multi-colour first piece "Butter Me Up" have been made using many different lipstick products and brands beyond the NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss lip line. Some of these brands include TooFaced, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Kat Von D liquid lip, and many more.

To order your paintings, reprints, custom designs, and more, visit the artist's shop: and to read about more of her work, check out more posts on the blog:

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