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Hand-Picked Tulips: A Makeup Painting of a Flower Metaphor

Updated: May 21, 2022

The original 16 x 20 canvas painting features a bouquet of pink tulip flowers with one that has been picked off the green stem. This symbolizes the feminine aspect of being picked out of the others in a line up of women when a suitor knows they have the right one. By picking flowers by hand instead of buying them in a store, they are authentic, genuine, and a true gift or representation of love. We know we have our soulmate.

The painting has since been reprinted into multiple different formats to promote the artist's value of sustainability. One of these main product types is clothing, also made out of sustainable materials. If you're looking for something for the house, you can also find this painting in matching pieces for your home.

The materials used to create the piece include Too-Faced peach liquid foundation as the primary background mixed in with yellow and green colour corrector from Liz Watier. The background has been covered by the flowers themselves, made out of other brands and products.

Specifically, the white tint has been added to the pink part using Kat Von D white concealer with a bold pink liquid lip. The edges are sparkled with nail polish to give a crisp central perspective to the artwork that provides direct vision to the balance and harmony of the horizon.

To see the full products available, visit the shop and browse sizes for clothing in small, medium, and large. You can find items arranged by general product type with so many reprints for each painting in particular. You can also see each piece created in the product portfolio.

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