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Faith in Adultery: About the Book and Behind the Meaning of the Title

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

What does it mean to have faith in the unfaithful? Why would we believe there is any truth inside of a lie? To commit adultery is to betray the one you love the most, so why on earth would God up in heaven want that kind of torture for us human folk?

To have "Faith in Adultery" is to understand that no matter what happens to us, even if it seems awful and horrible and painful all at the same time... Things will work out and there are good lessons to be learned from bad events. Overall, we can have a happy future despite having to live through a sad past. But what is the key to discovering how to survive the seemingly tortuous unsurvivable?

This book glosses over what it is like to date in the 21st century and what current affairs appear as. The lies we use to tell and the ways we used to live are in the past. Ever since approximately 2010, dating apps have taken over as the form of introduction to your potential date.

If you try and meet someone in-person at a party, a bad, work, school, or somewhere traditional, you run the risk of being a creep. But if you talk to someone online, you can pretty much message them anything you want to and it might count as flirting. Or maybe you're still just a creep...

Somehow, through the tools of Tinder, our protagonist Ms. Queen meets the antagonist, a man she sees as the love of her life. Slowly, the truth reveals itself, and we see Mr. Black for who he really is. Eventually, everyone shows what colour their coat is, but Iris never thought that Adam could be quite so dark as his name. Or that she would be as blind as her own.

We learn from this book that everyone takes their part in communicating their needs and wants to each other and that we are all guilty, somehow, in the act of the affair. Read on into this novel for the scantily-clad story of miscalculated desires and find out what it means to live one's truth and communicate honestly to the self as well as others.

Available now on Amazon, Chapters.Indigo, and many more retailers including Walmart, Barnes & Nobles, as well as other resonant brand store names. The best place to shop is locally in the Author's own gallery of autographed titles:

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