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Art Classes: Learn How to Paint with Acrylics and More

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Have you ever wanted to make art but feel like you're stuck staring at an empty canvas with a blank mind? It can be hard to become inspired, but even trickier to know what brush strokes to make when you're already feeling captivated by the block.

If you're a beginner and want to learn about certain brush techniques, head on over to some of the available art classes in the shop. These classes are visible on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis replicating the artist's favourite styles.

Currently offering workshops in acrylic paints, the artist will also be offering more classes in different mediums coming soon. These include how to paint with makeup and cosmetics as well as how to paint with oils, and many other artistic skill types such as sketching.

Even if you're an expert in your field, it can always be fun to try out a new form of art. If you're a painter, try drawing! If you normally use acrylics, try learning to paint with oils! Finding inspiration comes when we look for change.

Change can occur not just by undertaking a new medium, but also by creating from a new location, learning from a mentor, trying different tools in the same old mediums, and many more! In fact, in some of these art classes you learn about how to paint without using a brush at all.

Look forward to more acrylic painting classes being added in the near future to keep your subconscious alive with thrive and the conscious mind guessing good. These new additions will do more than simply inspire as they dig deep enough to tap into your unexpressed, unequivocal emotions desperately seeking to become saturated into reality..

Why learn to paint from Kathleen? If you really want to know what makes her qualified, check out my other blog post Why Work With Kathleen And What Makes Her a Qualified Freelancer? As a tetrachromat, Kathleen is gifted with the true sight of an artiste that provides great benefit to the creative community.

Classes: Coming Soon:

Body painting, how to paint flowers, portrait painting, sketches/drawing, oil painting, how to paint with makeup and cosmetics

Classes Currently Available:

Acrylic Painting Step-by-Step

Acrylic Painting Top Techniques

Acrylic Painting Trees Parts 1 and 2

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