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Freelance Artist, Author, Model
"Content Creator"

Kathleen Sumpton

Ontario, Canada


Hello! Welcome to Kathleen Sumpton's Official Website.

Located in the growing hub of Canada, Kathleen is from "The Forest City" of London, Ontario. She has been working as an Entrepreneur since January 2016 and has experience as an Artist, Author, Model, Photographer, Fashion Designer, and Business Consultant in the Arts & Entertainment industry.

Kathleen enjoys this ever-changing environment of unique ideas in a fast-paced world. She is also a Content Creator where you can find elements of Lifestyle in the things she has made.

With a talent for innovative creativity, a passion for progressive change, and a track-record of professionalism, Kathleen's work impacts others lives in meaningful ways. Why not network with her on your next project and collaborate on a service, or support a favourite local artist by visiting the shop products?

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