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Lifestyle Influencer & Public Figure

Kathleen Sumpton

         Ontario, Canada


Hello! Welcome to Kathleen Sumpton's Official Website, the online meeting place for the Multimedia Artist and Professional Freelancer. 

Located in the growing hub of Canada, Kathleen is from "The Forest City" of London, Ontario. She has been working as an Entrepreneur for almost a decade and has experience as an Artist, Author, Model, Photographer, Fashion Designer, Fundraiser, Events Manager, Tutor & Teacher, Writer, Lyricist/Musician, and Business Consultant in the Arts & Entertainment industry.


After all this time, she has been given the personal nickname "Katt" and her home has been nicknamed "The KSAG (Kathleen Sumpton Art Gallery)". With cat-like reflexes and the ability to survive falling from third-floor balconies, her nicknames suit her well. After all, her home is entirely covered and decorated with her artworks.


With true ambition, strength, tenacity, and will power, Kathleen is exactly who you want behind your next business activity. No matter what point you are at right now, She has been there and overcome the struggle, and therefore has the solution for innovation you're looking for! Her work shows a true eye for detail, as seen from the perspective, of the other side of the train tracks. So, if you're not looking to hire for a service, become inspired by her artwork in paintings, literature, and fashion in the Shop.

It all began with dreams of being a Freelance Writer, and then expanding as the modern world grew to more valuable skills and services to offer her community. Similar to the growth of Amazon from being an online bookstore to a fully-fledged retail centre and beyond, Kathleen is adaptable, flexible, and can identify trends before they arise and jump on board as an early adopter.

Kathleen enjoys this ever-changing environment of unique ideas in a fast-paced world. She is also a Content Creator, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Addictions & Recovery Coach. Her expertise is in-demand with Information Technology dominating the business world today, coupled with the rooted background of a strong foundational past. You can find elements of Lifestyle in the things she has made and produced as a Creator which promote Health, Wellness, and Spiritual Growth.

With a talent for product development and newness, a passion for progressive change, and a track-record of professionalism, Kathleen's work impacts others lives in meaningful ways. Why not network with her on your next project and collaborate on a service, or support a favourite local artist by visiting the shop products?

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